The Stairway To Safety

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The scenarios above are just among the common accidents one may encounter while at home. But start with these basic precautions, and work your way from here so that no accident will ever transpire in your safe home.Stairs are pretty much everywhere. From ordinary ladders, to small steps in the porch, we are pretty much accustomed of seeing and using it. And at times, we lose awareness that even stairs can be a portal for accidents. That’s why you should still not take the stairs for granted. By that, we mean you must still keep in mind to watch your steps all the time in a stair. Know more about this as you read on.

Slip, Trip, Tumble

Don’t fall for it. Not because you always use the same stairs for almost every day, you rely on your intuition and not mind about your path. And then one day, you just trip over a step when you least expected it. Accidents on stairs may also involve slipping and tumbling down. These incidents may cause serious injuries and for worst cases, even fatality. All because you ignored the safety message for stairs. Sometimes, we blame it on the stairs. But really, you are responsible of your own safety so always watch your step all the time.

Safety design

For some buildings, staircases and stairways are designed with people’s ultimate safety in mind. It starts with the appropriate size and dimensions for each step that fits your footwear. Even the riser and treads must be distinctly obvious, so that people will clearly see the steps. Even aluminum step treads are included, especially for places exposed to moisture. Hand railings also play an important role in stairs, as they can assist people climb up or walk down in balance.

Lighting the way

Stairs, despite their careful design for safety, may still be hazardous when used in the dark. That is why it is very important to include emergency lights or dim lights along the stairways, especially for instances that there is an emergency. Reflective coating can also be painted on the edges of the treads of the stairs in order to help people who brought their own lights properly trudge the steps. Glow in the dark stair treads are even recommended.

Maintaining stairs

There are other stairs that cause accidents because of how it is maintained. There are times that it won’t be cleaned, and clutter may lie freely that can cause accidents. On the other hand, too much cleaning may also be dangerous, as it may erase the warning stickers or the reflective coating, or if left wet after mopping, possibly lead to slipping incidents.Stairs are a common sight, but not because it is familiar we won’t take extra precaution. Whether you are planning to add a stair or already utilizing an existing one, always bear in mind that safety is a priority and it is non-negotiable.