Quartz, Marble, And Granite

Quartz, Marble, And Granite

The flooring of halls, rooms, kitchens, corridors, and bathrooms, bench tops for kitchen and gardens etc, wall, fountains, stairs, sinks and bathtubs etc. The modern era is increasing the use of quartz, marble and granite according to their requirements and design. They give prepossessing and beholding looks to any building, be it houses, offices, and any other commercial building. It completely depends on the designer and the one who asked him to resign his place.

Quartz: It is the most popular material in today’s building designing industry. Be it kitchen bench tops, floor and walls etc. It has easily beaten marble and granite in hardness and durability. That is why it is widely used across the globe. Not just durability it is also affordable and is available in many colours. It is a man-made substance that made by the process of sand crystallization. Due to crystallization, it has fewer pores as compared to marble and granite. It is a highly reflective material and this quality of quartz makes it a luxurious looking stone but it is considerably cheaper.

Marble: It is naturally present all around the world underneath the surface and mining industries are digging up for this beauteous stone. Its colour range is limited unlike quartz but has its own distinct look to give. Natural marble is porous, does not have the extra shine to its texture and a bit tricky to take care of. But still, people install as a dekton benchtop or flooring etc. It has a tendency to absorb liquids and not as strong as quartz or granite. But yes marble is expensive as compared to quartz and granite. Italian marble is known as the highest quality marble in the world and it is I use since the old time. Black marble with golden veins, Portoro is the most expensive marble in the world.  It doesn’t whether marble is expensive or not when it comes to the most elegant look.

Granite: The stone we get from the volcanic activities on the surface of the earth is granite. Its hardness is between the quartz and the marble and is inexpensive as compared to marble and expensive as compared to quartz. But it has its own unique colour combinations.  Of course, one has to take care of floors or granite benchtop what where ever the material was used.  USA, Italy and Canada own the world highest quality of granite but China and Africa are one of the biggest suppliers of granite. Blue Bahia is the most expensive type of granite in the world is found in Brazil.    

In the end, we know that these materials give unique and luxurious looks to our beloved houses and other buildings. We feel we happy and lively in a house that is well decorated according to our taste and style not only us but it also gives the guests a feeling of warmth.

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