How To Maintain Your Window Drapes And Shutters

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The shutters and drapes on your windows play a massive role in your day to day life providing protection from intruders, ensuring the privacy of you and your family, keeping out the sun and the rain as well as wind and many others. Therefore it is very important that you maintain them and care for them if you are to not foot large bills in terms of repairs in the future and also if you are to maintain the quality of living in your home. Here is how you can do exactly that.

For different types of shutters

In the case of mini shutters you can always vacuum using a gentle brush. Alternatively you can also dust it off with the common feather dusters that you can pick up off stores. If there are kids in the house make sure that the shutters are childproofed. For vertical blinds Central Coast, use spot cleaning is there is fabric in use and do not use any soap or water at all. You can also dust by hand with a feather duster or use the brush attached on your vacuum as well. Do not apply too much force. For the wooden shutters it is best to employ the means of dusting. If they have any paint on them you can try to wash them without removing them from the mounting. Always rinse in detergent and water and make sure that you wipe it dry afterwards.

For metal and vinyl shutters

If you have any metal or vinyl awnings make sure to wear some rubber gloves topped off with a pair of cotton gloves. Mix in some ammonia to water usually on a 1:1 ratio. Next dip your gloved hands into the mixture and then run the fingers under each and every single slat and surface. This is why you need to wear two pairs of gloves to ensure that the ammonia does not irritate our skin. If you need to clean more thoroughly, remove them from the window and immerse them in the solution that was prepared before or use a mixture of warm water and soap to get off all the dust and grime that has been collected. You can also spread the unique shutters on the driveway or hand them from the clothesline and spray them with a hose gently. 

For bamboo shutters

You can use the same instruction given in the case of vinyl above. After cleaning, if the climate conditions are in your favour, you can hang these out to dry through thoroughly. However, it is best to use as little water as possible. If there is any paper or parchment simply brush off the dust and do not wash at all.