A Guide To Combustible Cladding

A Guide To Combustible Cladding

Cladding is referred to as the exterior side of the building. It is often used to improve the appearance and outlook of the buildings. You can provide thermal insulation and water- resistant materials to the building so they can remain safe. There are many types of claddings available. But two types of combustible cladding might bring a threat to the buildings. If a fire breaks out, the materials will spread the fire more rapidly. If the cladding is done using aluminium or polystyrene, then it may pose a risk. The best thing is to access the building and analyze what material will be free of risks. Many good companies in Australia are providing cladding services. They work according to the rules of the Government and make sure everything remains under control. Some people believe that cladding can bring a threat to their property, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a fire hazard.


Insulated cladding system


Insulated composite panel in Sydney is used on the external walls of a commercial or residential building. There is strong foam of insulation that is first fixed and then sealed. Once the sealing the done a good quality paint is applied on the top. This type of cladding system is light in weight the layer of insulation features polystyrene or polythurene. It is difficult to identify such systems because when you take a look, they look like bricks or concrete. To check the quality of cladding, you can tap on the wall once. If they give out a unique sound, then it is a sign that the cladding system is excellent. Although cladding comes in many colors, they are mostly grey or colorless. It can be used on different parts of the building like windows, doors or a balcony. Cladding can also be done on the whole wall, and it does make it look clean.


Metal composite Panels


Metal composite panels are a form of cladding which is done on the almost all the external areas of a building. There are many colors available for these panels but the most popular ones are either grey or colorless. The metal composite panels come out in a variety of shapes and they can easily cover any area of the wall. They are being used as signage on the walls or as a decorative feature for windows and doors. The panel usually consists of secure layers of copper and zinc, and the finishing is smooth. The most common material is aluminium, and they may have a strong ability to spread the fire. You can keep your building free of such hazards by taking necessary precautions. Cladding system has been in use since a lot of years now, and it seems like a necessity.

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