Limousine Type Of The Car Not A Brand

Limousine Type Of The Car Not A Brand

Automobile industry is so fast and vast that over the period of minutes things are emerging and technologically advance fast and furious vehicles are being introduced in the market. Without a doubt there are certain things which one must consider while discussing things about automobile industry. Firstly, the brand name and the reputation of the brand itself, car specs. And maintenance and after sales service of the car. There are definitely, so many things which one needs to understand before buying a car related to overall experience and review of the car as well. We are discussing automobile industry, cars and 4 wheelers this discussion cannot be concluded without the discussion of a Limo. So, for those who are fascinated by that chocolate shape long bar kind of a car called ‘Limousine’ in short, a limo, then they are at the right place. Moreover, there is a common misconception related to the LIMO, that it’s a brand definitely due to the fame of the name most of the people think it’s a brand. So much so, there is a vast range of variety under the head of a limo, including SUV limo. And some others. So, let’s shed some light on the basics of a limousine:

Facts about the limousine:

Although it’s a car but the name of the car is actually derived from the name of a province in France. Actually, the province in France name Linousin is the deriving root of the name. it was the year 1928 in Arkansas, when the first model of this fine stretched car was introduced. Since it has been discussed already that it’s the characteristic of the car not the brand, which is labelled as a limousine.

Initial use of a limo:

Initially this type of the car was used to carry heavy and huge objects, initially there was only one type of limo. But now there are two and even more than two types of a limousine stretch limo and a super stretch limo. This is 2020 and now limo has become a car with all the possible facilities.

Designs and variation in LIMO:

There is wide range of options from which a limo can be selected there are limo buses, limo coaches, limo vans and the famous of all limo SUVs, there are countries which have excelled tremendously in this phase but there are some countries which are still in the transition phase. To bifurcate further an SUV limousine can be bought and seen in two sizes only one 140 inches and the other above 180 inches. Means 200 inches able to carry 10 to 14 passengers and 20 to 24 passengers respectively.


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