Factors To Consider When Getting A Piling Job Done

Factors To Consider When Getting A Piling Job Done

The field of civil engineering has reached new heights of advancements in the present. If you took a look around in any city in Australia, you would see skyscraping evidences. But like we all believe, it is what is inside, or it is what is underneath that matters. This is how the role of foundations come into play. In this context, the prominence of piles is quite high. However, there are many other reasons expect for the deep foundations why piles will be used. In getting a piling job done, there is a multiple number of factors that you need to consider. Here are 4 of them.

The nature of the natural soil – and fixations

The correlation between the driven pile and the soil or the ground that takes it is significant when it comes to any occasion where piles are involved. This is why there is a number of experiments are carried out to ensure that the soil that the pile is driven to will have enough strength to cater the need. Hence, you need to make sure that the soil is in the best condition. If it is not, and if you do not have any other option, you should try to treat it or go for a compacted backfill.

The choice of the service provider

Driving piles into the ground simply is not something that everyone can do. After all, the equipment, machinery and labor needs will change from project to project. Although most construction projects try to cut off costs by going by minimum requirements, a reliable piling contractor will make sure that it is not the basic minimum requirements that are fulfilled but at least the optimal. This is why you should try your best to go for a reliable service provider since this is a one-time job.

The type of the pile used

Usually, the commonly used ones are the in-situ or pre casted concrete piles. But these can be quite expensive, could be causing massive disturbances to the public etc. and so, and going for an option like screw piles installation is a clever decision. Due to their increased strength, need of leased space and the ease of installation, they live up to the highest expectations of the piling family.

The design details of the structure

You should never ever disregard the factors such as the dead and live loads, the self-weights and even the projected loads of the structure. Since the piles would be acting as the foundation most of the time, it should be able to handle all the situations.

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