Benefits Of A Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Rangehood

Benefits Of A Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Rangehood

Many kitchens have one or more rangehoods. There are as many as five to six different ways of installing a rangehood. One of them is to mount them onto a wall. Mounting a rangehood onto a wall is the most used method of installing it. The rangehood can be mounted on a wall in a matter of minutes. It hardly takes a few minutes to fix it onto a wall. Wall mounts can be purchased separately. They can slow be purchased along with the rangehoods. Many rangehood retailers also sell wall mounts along with their basic products. There may be separate installation charges for the wall mounts. This is especially true when the wall mount is made.of stainless steel. The reason being that stainless steel wall mounts are very hard to install. It can take up to several weeks or even months to install a single stainless steel wall mount for a rangehood.

Stainless steel is the most common material used to mount rangehoods. This is because stainless steel is very tough. Very heavy good quality outdoor rangehood can be hung on wall mounts made of stainless steel. Stainless steel can carry rangehoods that weigh up to five to ten tons. Even eleven to twelve tons rangehoods can be hung on wall mounts made of stainless steel. This is in contrast to wall mounts made up to plastic or wood. Wall mounts made up or plastic or wood are weak

 They can break under pressure. They cannot bear weight beyond a certain limit. They can only bear up to five to ten kilos at most. This is the reason they are only used for small sized rangehoods. Larger rangehoods are almost always mounted on walls using a stainless steel wall mount. Any rangehoods larger than ten kilos is classified as a large one. Any rangehood below that wright is classified into two categories. Rangehoods weighing between eight to ten kilos are classified as medium sized rangehoods. Rangehoods below seven to with kilos in weight are classified as light rangehoods. Visit for wall mount range hood.

As many as half of all kitchens have some sort of rangehood with stainless steel wall mounts. This is because a wall mount is needed to hold the rangehood in its place. The wall mount is fixed using tiles and nails. It can also be fixed using screws and paste. As many as four to five screws are used to hold the wall mount in it’s place. The rangehood is then attached to the wall mount by the use of bolts. Bolts need to be strong enough to hold the rangehood in its place. Small bolts might crack and cause the rangehood to fall. Most stainless steel wall mounts use bolts that are one to two inches thick and four to five inches long.

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